Surya Namaskar: The Right Way To Do the Salutation

Surya Namaskar

Over the past few months, I have heard the very famous proverb that’s been enchanted, originated from the Prime Minister of our country- “Yoga Se Hoga.” which means, ‘yoga would make it happen.’ There’s nothing wrong with it. It very rightly fits the naturally occurring benefits of yoga. All our childhood, we have seen our … Read more

Chakra Meditation: Everything About The Divine Practice

Chakra Meditation

Yoga and meditation are the most divine practices and exercises to help the body and mind collectively. We have heard a lot about meditation from our elders, teachers, and these days on social media and books that scream self-love and other self-regulation techniques. A self-help book is incomplete without the mention of mediation or mindfulness. … Read more

Various Sitting Poses to Make Our Body Strong And Healthy

Sitting Poses

We have always been suggested to practice yoga each day. Yoga has been known for several thousands of years and is practiced worldwide now. Originated in India, yoga is not limited to improving just physical health. Yoga is a practice of both mind and body which includes various standing postures, sitting poses, Asanas, breathing techniques, … Read more

Onion: The Goodness Beneath the Peel


Often used daily for various purposes, onion has a lot to offer other than just being your staple vegetable for daily food at home. You must have heard about the benefits onion has for hair. We will be discussing various types of onions and their qualities mind detail here. An overview: Onions are from the … Read more

Various Health Benefits of Makhana in Our Daily Routine


Dry fruits are a great way to quench your starving stomach. Well, that’s just a sideline benefit of dry fruits. Dry fruits have outstanding nutritional content. Over the years, we have heard our elders assert that dry fruits are beneficial for our brains, health, and body. Makhana is commonly known as Fox nuts or Lotus … Read more

Keratin Treatment: We All Must Know the Truth

Keratin Treatment

Gone are the times when you would spot a girl with straight, smooth, and utterly shiny hair and get surprised at it. These are the times when a huge number of the populaces is going for different kinds of treatments for hair. Among all the different treatments, keratin is the most commonly done. The secret … Read more

Vinegar: Various Nutrition and Other Important Benefits


Often heard of the term, vinegar is a hybrid of acetic acid and water which is formed as a result of a two-step process of fermentation. The word comes from a French word called- ‘vin aigre’ which means sour wine. With its origin traced back to around 5000 B.C.E., in Babylon, vinegar is not just … Read more

Fatigue: Various Symptoms and Cures for the Exhaustion


Getting tired at the end of a day’s long work doesn’t count as fatigue. It is here tiredness. Fatigue has more to it. It can be as impactful as not being vale to get out of bed or carry out routine tasks. It can be physical or mental exhaustion that causes fatigue. What is Fatigue? … Read more

How to Get Rid of Skinny Fat

Skinny Fat

Though relatively quite a newer term and not much used, skinny fat simply refers to the higher percentage of body fat in a person wearing the muscle mass is relatively lower. Let us try to understand better what is skinny fat and how things work to get rid of it. What is Skinny Fat? It … Read more

4 Days Workout Routine for Beginners

4 days workout

Working out isn’t limited to just physical gains. It gives you mental stability and strength. Workout is essentially beneficial for an individual. Work out has its physical and mental benefits. As proven by APA, exercise can help alleviate long-term depression. With so many reasons to work out, don’t try to look out for one that’s … Read more