Various Health Benefits of Makhana in Our Daily Routine

Dry fruits are a great way to quench your starving stomach. Well, that’s just a sideline benefit of dry fruits. Dry fruits have outstanding nutritional content. Over the years, we have heard our elders assert that dry fruits are beneficial for our brains, health, and body. Makhana is commonly known as Fox nuts or Lotus seeds. Derived from a rare and beautiful flower, Lotus, they are scientifically named Euryale Ferox. Makhana is vastly cultivated in parts of Asia. Makhane also has medicinal benefits and can cure various diseases. We are here to set you up with makhane benefits.


  • Nutrient-rich:

Various Recepies
Various Recepies

Benefits of makhane extend from their nutrient-rich traits to lip-smacking taste. Fox nuts are rich in nutrients. They provide a nutritious diet. Makhane is rich in carbohydrates and also consists of micronutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and phosphorous. These nutrients have individual benefits which further elevate the health of the person. While calcium has a say in the bone strength of the human body, magnesium is vital for several metabolic reactions in the body.

  • Antioxidants rich:

Makhana contains various antioxidants. Antioxidants aid in the neutralization of free radicals in the body that are very harmful to health. These antioxidants curb oxidative stress. To be specific, the antioxidants present in makhana are chlorogenic acid, garlic acid, and epicatechin.

And we all are aware of the role of antioxidants in our bodies. They aid us in reducing harmful substances from the body, reducing inflammation, and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac diseases, etc. Also, inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid, arthritis, etc. are taken care of by makhanas.

  • Regulate blood sugar level:

Makhana Recipe
Makhana Recipe

In today’s generation and lifestyle changes, problems of blood sugar level and type 2 diabetes are increasing day by day. People in the age range of above 40 are at a huge risk of developing these chronic diseases. Maintenance of the blood sugar level is highly crucial for our bodies. Makhana is beneficial in maintaining the blood sugar level of the body.

Research has indicated that extracts of makhana when administered to rats with diabetes, showed that the solution helped in balancing the blood sugar level.

  • Weight loss:

Addition of makhana to your weight loss diet can aid you further in weight loss more efficiently. It is often suggested by gym trainers and dieticians to not eat between meals. Instead, they often infer that consuming dry fruits such as Phool makhana is highly profitable. The benefits of makhana are plenty, and so are makhana recipes.

Phool Makhana
Phool Makhana

You can find these recipes online or simply safe with your mother. Since it is rich in protein, it regulates your appetite, reduces food cravings, and thereby proliferation of healthy eating. Makhana is also rich in fiber. Fibrous food is time-consuming when it comes to digestion. Thus, in a way, if you consume makhana, you would have a feeling of fullness and won’t feel the urge to eat between your meals.

  • Anti-aging properties:

Makhana is known to possess anti-aging features. These powerful features help in curtailing your age by a few digits. Amino acids present in makhana are known to show anti-aging properties. Glutamine, which is used to generate an amino acid called proline, found in collagen is recognized as an agent helpful in skin hydration and elasticity of the skin. The antioxidants present in makhana are also a source of anti-aging goodness traits.

  • Cardiac health is boosted:

Animals studies have recognized that makhana extract can have lasting effects on rats that have nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases. It helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Both of these compounds are toxic to the heart. The act of neutralizing the free radicals in the body by makhana does the job of reducing the risk of heart disease.

  • Great snacks:

Makhana in kheer
Makhana in kheer

Makhanas serve to be great snacks options. Being healthy and fun at the same time, makhanas can be molded into various makhana recipes. Low in bad cholesterol, saturated fats, these can be considered as one of the best munching snacks for those who feel hungry at tiny intervals. Also, they can be put up in makhana kheer, a recipe that has a special place in the Indian hearts and kitchens.

  • Detox the right way:

Makhanas are a great detoxifying agent. They can flush out toxins from your body seamlessly. They are a good friend of the spleen and thus help in the production and recycling of RBCs.


While dry fruits hold a significant role in our healthy diet, makhana is way superior to any other dry fruit. Makhanas or fox nuts can help prevent a number of diseases. The above list of the windfalls of makhanas is well researched and can help you get an idea of the advantages you can take from the fox nuts. Also, as a matter of fact, makhana can be included in your diet in a number of ways.

You can either roast them and eat them like a healthy snack or go for makhana kheer, the delicious dessert served in parts of India. Or if you’re not a fan of sugar, maybe you can just eat a handful of makhanas just like that in between your work or study sessions. It will keep you hunger-free and healthy.

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