The Journey to a New You: Weight Loss and Diet Essentials

weight loss

Weight loss and fitness are prime attractions these days. This is a result of growing awareness and inclination towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. The literacy rate has shot up in the past few decades which has been a major contributor to the status of the fitness industry today. People are turning towards gyms and … Read more

Kalonji: Things You Didn’t Know About these Black Seeds


Who would have thought, a spice emerging from Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa could possess such enormous benefits. Also known by several other names such as black cumin, Nigella, Nigella sativa by its scientific name, kalonji is a great ingredient for Indian pickles. It finds its place on the shelves of many Indians. Kalonji … Read more

Basa Fish: The Perfect Consumer Guide of this Recipe

Basa fish

Scientifically named Pangasius Bocourti, Basa fish is essentially a catfish readily available in the market. Some of the common names given to the species are Vietnamese Cobbler, River Cobbler, and Swai. Although native to Vietnam’s Mekong and Chao Phraya river, Basa fish is extensively exported throughout the world and is easily found in many Asian … Read more

Star Fruit: Things Other Than Good Appearance

Star Fruit

You must have come across the very alluring star fruit somewhere or other. People often wonder what start fruit tastes like. Chuck away the regular season fruits. It’s time to try something new and different. Star fruit is going to quench your thirst if you long for some uniqueness in your choice of fruits. There … Read more

Rice Cakes: The Actual Delight or Guilty Pleasure?

Rice cakes

What crosses your mind the moment you read or hear Rice cakes? Probably eastern countries, especially China? Or maybe Korea sometimes. This is primarily because rice cakes are a staple food in these two countries and many more. Albeit, rice cakes are not limited to a certain number of countries, with globalization at its peak, … Read more

Chinese Food: The Most Loving Scrumptious Cuisine Of Young Ones

chinese food

Indians have been luring over Chinese cuisine ever since it was introduced in the country. Who doesn’t like the mind-boggling taste of Chinese food? Noodles, dumplings, schezwan, fried rice, and a lot more are the commonly famous staples in the country. There is a humungous variety to choose from in this particular cuisine. But, it … Read more

Swai Fish: Amazing Nutrition Facts and Various Benefits

swai fish

A huge part of the internet and food industry is busy comprehending the debate around swai fish. A lot of people believe certainly that it is a good deal to have the white fish having a flaky texture and a mild flavor. While others are of the opinion that it does not hold a good … Read more

Turbinado Sugar: The Amazing Benefits Of Natural Raw Sugar

Turbinado sugar

Known by its common name, the natural brain sugar turbinado sugar has a golden brown color and has larger crystals than regular sugar. Natural food stores and supermarkets are inclusive in this product usually. Some coffee shops might also be the destination to look up for turbinado sugar. Here are different facts and information about … Read more

Best Low Carb Cereals You Should Include In Your Diet

Low Carb Cereals

We cannot exaggerate enough on the importance of taking low carb cereals if you’re someone who wishes to maintain good Heath, a healthy weight, and lose extra pounds off your body. Being on diet is itself a tedious task. Let us make it simpler for you with delicious cereals with low carbohydrates, helping to throughout … Read more

Greek Yogurt With The Goodness Of The Greek God

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is often addressed as light and fit Greek yogurt, because of its health benefits for the fitness enthusiasts out there. We are here to tell you that this isn’t a fad, but a proven fact. Greek yogurt has various nutrients and other benefits that can help boost your fitness journey. Also, called strained … Read more