Turbinado Sugar: The Amazing Benefits Of Natural Raw Sugar

Known by its common name, the natural brain sugar turbinado sugar has a golden brown color and has larger crystals than regular sugar. Natural food stores and supermarkets are inclusive in this product usually. Some coffee shops might also be the destination to look up for turbinado sugar. Here are different facts and information about turbinado sugar. Take a look and get into the nitty-gritty of the unusual and rarely seen sugar.

What is Turbinado Sugar?

Retained from partially refined sugar which contains ascertain original molasses, turbinado sugar is known for its caramel flavor. Made from the generic sugarcane used for other sugars too, canes for turbinado sugar are organically grown. Sometimes, you might hear the name raw sugar used for turbinado sugar.

Turbinado sugar
Turbinado sugar

Sugar is processed lesser than regular sugar and has great benefits that count against the regular selling sugars. It’s not really raw, to be precise. But the minimal processing has given it the name so.  Raw sugar would mean sugar that consists of would other impurities.

And definitely, turbinado isn’t a contaminated form of sugar. It is more like a raw yet refined and filtered version of sugar.

As per FDA guidelines, the initial processing of sugar can leads to raw sugar formation. Turbinado sugar isn’t literally raw. It is cleared of all the impurities, debris and refined further to make it consumable.

  • The production of turbinado sugar includes a procedure of boiling sugarcane juice for its thickening and crystallization.
  • The meticulous refinement of the turbinado sugar leads to an increase in its price than white sugar.

Nutritional value:

The nutritional content of turbinado sugar is more like white sugar. One teaspoon of white and turbinado sugar would contain around 4 grams of carbohydrates and about 16 calories. Both are exclusive of fiber.

Nutrition Value
Nutrition Value

Turbinado sugar might additionally have traces of calcium and iron. But, that amount isn’t enough to complete even 1% of the recommended daily intake of these nutrients per teaspoon.

Turbinado sugar has certain antioxidants but again, the amount that goes in is really negligible in terms of daily intake. This means that about 5 cups of turbinado sugar are equivalent to 2 or 3 cups of blueberries for their antioxidant content.

Health organizations often advise that the daily intake of added sugar should be minimized as much as possible. Higher the amount of sugar intake, the higher risk the chances of developing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.

Turbinado sugar vs Brown sugar:

The difference between the process of turbinado sugar and brown sugar is explained here. Take a look at how brow sugars are processes and how they are different from turbinado sugar.

Turbinado sugar vs Brown sugar
Turbinado sugar vs Brown sugar

The process begins with the pressing of sugarcane to extract the juice. Now, this juice is subjected to boiling over high heat which leads to the evaporation of the juice. The evaporation then leads to the crystallization of the molasses.  The crystallized sugar is then spun in turbines to remove the excess liquid.

For white sugar, there is another step that is added after this. The additional color removal demands an additional processing step. But with brown sugar, this step is skipped.

For brown sugar, molasses are added deliberately. Light brown sugar has around 3.5% of molasses while dark one is inclusive of about 6.5% of molasses. This makes brown sugar moister than turbinado sugar.

How to use turbinado cane sugar?

Here are some ways you can include turbinado sugar in your diet.

How to use Turbinado sugar
How to use Turbinado sugar
  • Work it well with your beverages. Replace the vernal white sugar with turbinado sugar for your daily, tea, milk, or coffee.
  • Hot cereal can be served with a hint of turbinado sugar.
  • Whole-grain muffins, scones, quick bread garnishing with turbinado sugar.
  • Sprinkle of baked sweet potatoes
  • As a dressing for baked fruit such as pear, apple, peaches, etc.
  • Make body scrub at home with turbinado sugar.

Turbinado sugar substitute

There are certain ways turbinado sugar can be substituted if not found easily.

  • Add half quantities of both brown and white sugars to get a complete quantity of turbinado sugar.
  • If you wish to replace brown sugar with turbinado sugar, you might add some moisture with the help of honey, or applesauce to the turbinado sugar. This is helpful to ensure that your baked goods are not dried up.


Turbinado sugar is a less processed version of white sugar. It has certain health benefits over white sugar. People use it for its slightly different taste for different recipes. You can relish the taste of turbinado sugar though it might come as a slightly expensive substitute.

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