Chair Yoga Poses For The Eldest In The House

Chair Yoga For Seniors

Yoga has been acknowledged worldwide as a complex and beneficial practice that connects your body to your mind meanwhile working for both of them. Seniors in our houses are often seen promoting yoga among youngsters, kids, and even themselves. That is the perk of yoga-it literally suits every age group perfectly. Now senior citizens need … Read more

Foot Massage: Major Techniques and Relaxing Machines

Foot Massage

How does it feel to even imagine getting a relaxing and calming foot massage at the end of a tiresome day? Feels like paradise, isn’t it? It certainly is. One looks forward to a relaxing position, some comforting massages at least once in a while. With a foot massage machine, you can have both every … Read more

Surya Namaskar: The Right Way To Do the Salutation

Surya Namaskar

Over the past few months, I have heard the very famous proverb that’s been enchanted, originated from the Prime Minister of our country- “Yoga Se Hoga.” which means, ‘yoga would make it happen.’ There’s nothing wrong with it. It very rightly fits the naturally occurring benefits of yoga. All our childhood, we have seen our … Read more

Chakra Meditation: Everything About The Divine Practice


Yoga and meditation are the most divine practices and exercises to help the body and mind collectively. We have heard a lot about meditation from our elders, teachers, and these days on social media and books that scream self-love and other self-regulation techniques. A self-help book is incomplete without the mention of mediation or mindfulness. … Read more

Various Sitting Poses to Make Our Body Strong And Healthy

healthy lifestyle

We have always been suggested to practice yoga each day. Yoga has been known for several thousands of years and is practiced worldwide now. Originated in India, yoga is not limited to improving just physical health. Yoga is a practice of both mind and body which includes various standing postures, sitting poses, Asanas, breathing techniques, … Read more

Fatigue: Various Symptoms and Cures for the Exhaustion


Getting tired at the end of a day’s long work doesn’t count as fatigue. It is here tiredness. Fatigue has more to it. It can be as impactful as not being vale to get out of bed or carry out routine tasks. It can be physical or mental exhaustion that causes fatigue. What is Fatigue? … Read more

Amazing Health Benefits Of Vajrasana


Yoga dates back to 2700 B.C. It proves to be self-catering towards the spiritual upliftment as well as material up-gradation of humanity. All our lives, we have been hearing the benefits of yoga and exercise for our physical and mental health. While vigorous exercise is associated with physical health, yoga is a form of locomotive … Read more