Various Sitting Poses to Make Our Body Strong And Healthy

We have always been suggested to practice yoga each day. Yoga has been known for several thousands of years and is practiced worldwide now. Originated in India, yoga is not limited to improving just physical health. Yoga is a practice of both mind and body which includes various standing postures, sitting poses, Asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation methods collectively. Yoga is like an umbrella that has all these different kinds of exercises.

Today we are going to talk about the sitting poses of Yoga. Sitting yoga poses are primarily the asanas that are done while sitting on the floor or in any other comfortable location. There are numerous seated yoga poses for all those fitness enthusiasts.

Yoga not only benefits your body on the outer, rather it also takes complete care of your mind and body on the inside. Ardha Matsyendrasana, Vajrasana, Mudrasana, Kakasana, etc are sitting yoga poses to name a few.

Let us look at some of this one by one and then comprehend the benefits of sitting yoga asanas.

  • Padmasana:

Padmasana Sitting Pose
Padmasana Sitting Pose

The basic posture of sitting yoga, padmasana is a significant pose in Kundalini Yoga. While sitting on the floor, both your feet are stretched and put up in the lap making a cross. It is quite difficult in the beginning. This basic sitting yoga pose is used for many other yoga asanas.

  • Yoga Mudrasana:

Yoga Mudrasana
Yoga Mudrasana

This one is achieved by first attaining the basic padmasana. Then, you just one arm and stretch it backward in an attempt to touch the big toe of the same leg crossed at the thighs. Then the second arm goes back and does the same as you exhale and bend your trunk to touch the forehead on the floor. You may not attain this posture in one go, so practice.

  • Ardha Matsyendrasana:

Ardh Matsyendrasana
Ardh Matsyendrasana

This is the spinal twist that you do while sitting in a yoga pose. To attain this asana, you sit with your legs stretched in front. Now, bend one leg and while lifting it, put it across the second one. Then you bend the second leg on the floor to touch the opposite pelvic region.

Now you twist to state backward with one hand at the back to support you and the other one touching the foot of the first leg. This might sound a little complicated but has a lot of benefits for your spine, back, kidney, bowels, and whatnot.

  • Vajrasana:

Vajrasana Sitting Pose
Vajrasana Sitting Pose

Vajrasana is often termed the diamond pose. It is one of the most simple poses of yoga. All you need to do is to sit in a kneeling position and then rest your hips on your feet facing upwards. Your hands are firmly placed at your knees or thighs. This pose is helpful when done after having your meal. It stimulates the pancreas and helps in digestive processes.

  • Kakasana:


The name sounds similar to that of the crow. Hence, this one is called the crow pose. For this, you simply squat on the floor, both arms and feet apart. Now, place both the palms on the floor and try to lean forward as you just your feet up and put the weight on your arms.

Practice this daily to get the right posture and balance. Crow poss enhances shoulder and arm strength.

  • Kukkudasana:


This one is specially made to strengthen your wrists and abdominal muscles. Start by sitting in the padmasana pose. As you do that, your arms are to be placed between your thighs and calves and touch the ground with your palms.

Now, slowly try to lift yourself with weight in your arms. Practice each day to master the balance. You should try to be in this pose for as long as possible.

Health benefits of sitting yoga poses:

As much yoga is good for your health, sitting yoga poses are equally beneficial. Sitting yoga poses enhance the overall flexibility of your body. Also, each asana provides you with a certain strengthening exercise. Some bolster the abdomen, while some are great for fostering a decent strength to arms and shoulders. Others are beneficial for your inner digestive and other lifeline systems.

Let us look at the benefits in detail:

  • Consistent practice of seated yoga poses brings enormous flexibility to your body.
  • Certain poses such a the spinal twist are great for your bowel movement and other gastric issues.
  • The yoga poses are rather slow and relaxed. Practicing these each day not only strengthens your body but relaxes down your body as you perform them with great ease and firmly.
  • Your frontal and posterior abdominal muscles are strengthened along with their toning.
  • Pancreas, intestines, gastric gives all get to work as a result of or acting sitting yoga poses.
  • Sitting yoga asanas are also great to maintain the shape of your body.


With that, we impose on doing yoga each data and suggest you make it a part of your daily life routine. Yoga is an amazing practice for both mind and body. You attain strength and confidence physically and peace and calmness mentally.

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