Exercising with PCOS: Fitness Tips for Women

Women have been gifted with one of the most crucial responsibilities- reproduction. However, the changes in lifestyle and multiple factors have led to surplus issues with their reproductive health. These days, the most frequently occurring reproductive health issue in women is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The condition is known to affect nearly 8 to 13 percent of women of reproductive age. 

Even though the condition affects a lot of women and has been there for years, there is no specific treatment to cure it entirely. Thus, women need to take preventive measures and make changes in their lifestyles to manage the condition somehow. Exercising is one such way to make sure that the condition is managed and doesn’t go to the extent to cause serious complications in women’s health.

Today, we shall talk about how exercising can help you manage PCOS effectively. Make sure you are consistent with these exercises and take other measure to help the condition. 

Exercises that help PCOS
As per research and physical evidence, it has been seen that obesity and a stagnant lifestyle are major causes of PCOS. We all know and understand the importance of moving our bodies every day, even if it is for 20 minutes. Here are some exercises that will help you get off that stagnant schedule and eventually aid in managing PCOS. 

  • Cardiovascular workout:

    these exercises not only set your body in motion but, as the name suggests, they get your heart pumping. Your heart rate increases upto 50-70% of your heart rate. Although there is a lot of confusion around this topic, the evidence speaks that maintaining a healthy amount of cardio workout is essential for PCOS. Engaging in a huge amount of cardio can prove stressful for the body. But, on the other hand, there are some professionals who believe that cardio is a great way to make your body move for women with PCOS. 

  • Interval training:

    this training involves working out at different intensity levels that keep your heart pumping essentially. You pick different sets of exercises in on session which are not very high intensity but vary in their form and target body parts. 

  • Strength training:

    in the case of PCOS, strength training should not be done with excessively heavy weights. Instead, the woman should focus on endurance training wherein smaller weights are used for training for longer periods. You can use weights, resistance bands, and your own body weight to train your muscles.

  • Mind-body workout:

    exercises like yoga, and pilates is efficient in helping women with their body weight and ultimately, PCOS. These PCOS exercises are not very frightening, to begin with. Yet, they are highly effective in reducing weight and aiding PCOS treatment. 

  • Squats:

    there is no way something can go wrong with squats and leg exercises. These are essential to reduce body weight, get your entire body moving, and strengthen your legs at the end of the day. Begin with the very basic, bodyweight squats with legs shoulder-width apart. Do at least 3-4 sets of 15 reps. Gradually, you can heighten the level by doing sumo squats and other variations of the same. 

  • Reverse lunges:

    Stand straight with weight on both your feet and then take a step back with one leg still in the front. Keep the weight on the front heel and try to drop the knee to the ground, without touching it. From here, you need to get back to the original position and repeat the entire process. Begin with 2 sets of 10 reps and gradually increase as you get used to it. Again, a lower body exercise, this one is helpful in managing PCOS symptoms. 

  • Wall press:

    stand nearly a foot away from the wall with feet shoulder-width apart. Now you place your arms on the wall, this time a little wider than the shoulders. Now, as you do pushups, bring the chest forward to nearly touch the chin to the wall. From here, you need to use the wall and get back to the original position. Try to begin with 2 sets of 15 reps. 

PCOS is a disturbing truth about women’s reproductive health in today’s world. The condition stems from hormonal imbalance and multiple lifestyle factors. Though there is no specific PCOS treatment, you can try to manage PCOS with these exercises and PCOS diet along with changing a bit of your lifestyle.

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