Major Techniques, Variations and Benefits of Chest Press

Chest Press

One of the classics of upper body exercises, the chest press is a very popular workout routine most people follow to build muscles around their chest, shoulders, and triceps. However, with weight put on your arms and shoulders, one must imperatively pay heed to the right form of the exercise. There are many among the … Read more

Exercise To Build Forearm Muscles

Forearm Muscle Workouts

Stronger forearms are needed to even kick off other heavy exercises and workout sessions. Forearm exercise will make sure that your hands, wrists, and elbows are well-built. These forearm muscles are very useful in routine life for various tasks around the house or outside the house. Keep them forearms strong for any sort of emergency … Read more

Difference Between Crunches and Sit-ups


Crunches and sit-ups look alike. One might get confused as to which one is what and what it does. Crunches are essentially an exercise for the core. The core includes abdomen muscles, obliques, and lower back muscles as well. They are perfect to get your abdominal muscles in action. While sit-ups are somewhat like crunches, … Read more

Bench Press: How to Master the Exercise

Bench Press

The bench press is a classic chest builder exercise. It is imperative to perform this exercise with utmost precision. With a weighted bar over the chest, the chances of injury are heightened. The bench press is a very popular and common exercise, and hence can be found in almost every gym setting. Wherever you go, … Read more

Incredible Benefits of Squat Thrust

4 days workout

Squats are a given of much significance in the normal as well power workout sessions. Squats are a great way to shed those extra kilos off your thighs and develop calves, as well as shape buttocks. Squats are long known for their benefits of shaping your buttock region. While developing a workout schedule, do include … Read more

Curry leaves Benefits

Curry Leaves

Extracted from the foliage of the curry tree, scientifically called Murraya koenigii, curry leaves have a lot of benefits apart from their rich aroma and taste. If you’re an Indian, you must have come across this plant at least once in your life. Indians are crazy about putting these leaves in a wide variety of … Read more

Lipton Green Tea Benefits

Lipton Green Tea

Green tea has long been applauded for its weight loss and other benefits. Though it might not be all the more appealing in its taste, it does serve us various privileges in just a few cups. Lipton green tea, with its fresh, clean, and natural green tea leaves is bliss for fitness enthusiasts. Make the … Read more

Fungal Acne

Fungal acne

Fungal infections and acnes are a menace to living entities, especially in monsoon times. Fungal Acne isn’t like regular acne. It doesn’t respond to the customary treatments that you apply for acne. Pityrosporum folliculitis is a condition commonly known as fungal acne. It has a lasting effect on the skin and damages the skin a … Read more