Incredible Benefits of Squat Thrust

Squats are a given of much significance in the normal as well power workout sessions. Squats are a great way to shed those extra kilos off your thighs and develop calves, as well as shape buttocks. Squats are long known for their benefits of shaping your buttock region. While developing a workout schedule, do include high-impact exercises such as squat thrust. Here, we are going to talk about a different version of squats- squat thrust. You can include squat thrust in your repertoire for efficient results ultimately.

What is Squat Thrust?

Squat Thrust
Squat Thrust

Squat thrusts are essentially developed for the lower body parts. It is a kind of conditioning for the lower body workout. At first glance, one might confuse it with burpee, but it is more of a lower-body exercise, hence not a burpee. Traverse love squat thrusts for their effectiveness. It is one of those challenging exercises and thus, not liked by many people out there.  Squat thrusts are favored by any of trainers because they do not require any equipment, are easy to pull off, and are very effective in the job.

How to do squat thrust?

It is imperative to learn the right way to perform an exercise. Here we have explained step by step how you can achieve the right position of a squat thrust and aid from the very beneficial exercise correctly. So don’t waste any amount of effort in doing the wrong exercise. Instead, follow the steps curated here just for you and get the desired results in a shorter span.

Steps to do Squat thrust
Steps to do Squat thrust
  • Step 1:

Start with the basic squat position. That is, stand with your feet apart as wide as your shoulders. Arms should be hanging loosely on sides with no tension in them.

  • Step 2:

The next step would be to lower down in this position and touch the palms of your hand to the floor flat with your arms shoulder wide apart. While touching your palms, jump off your legs and acquire a push-up position simultaneously. Hold onto your tighter at all times.

  • Step 3:

From this position, you are required to jump off again to the second position with palms touching the floor while in a squatting position.

  • Step 4:

When done right that, you are supposed to go back to the normal squats position. Repeat the same at least 10 times, and try doing at least 3 reps in a session.

Now that you’re through with the procedure of doing the squat thrust exercise, you should be aware of how effective it is and how it works.

How effective are squat thrusts?

Squat Thrust
Squat Thrust

Squat thrusts are clearly not easy peasy moves. Squat thrusts are used for varied reasons. They are an effective way to build muscle strength of the lower body, including your core. It builds up the endurance of an individual. Squat thrusts give you the effectiveness of a combination of both cardio and strength training.

You can add a jump at the starting, just like a squat thrust burpee, or a push-up at the 3rd or last step, or maybe dumbbells as you gradually get better at the exercise. This will further enhance the performance of the exercise, thereby providing you more efficiency in the results.

Now let us get ahead with the benefits of squat thrusts.

Benefits of squat thrusts:

Benefits Of Squat Thrust
Benefits Of Squat Thrust
  • The squat thrust is a convenient exercise as mentioned earlier. It does not require any additional equipment. Hence, it can be performed anywhere anytime. Got your gym closed because of some reason? Or maybe, the gym got too bust to accommodate you? Worry not! You can still get ahead with your high-impact strength training with squat thrusts. Don’t waste your time sitting and waiting for any trainer or equipment to be free, get going with what you have- your body and endurance.


  • Squat thrust can give you a good start to the day. It will increase the metabolism of your body. So try taking up this exercise in the morning before you start your work or day.


  • Squat thrusts, being high impact are an amazing exercise to run that extra body down your body. Melt the fat down your glutes, triceps, hamstrings, chest, and abs. With this great moveable exercise, you can achieve results on a lot of body parts in just one go. Your quads, hamstrings, and glutes will thank you later for this exercise.


  • Glutes are a crucial part of the body and are highly significant while working out, lifting weight, or preventing injuries. Squat thrusts can be a great way to strengthen your glutes for all these functions.


  • While working on your squats, you can feel the difference of improvement in your technique with the help of squat thrusts. They help you attain the right posture and correct technique for doing squats.


  • Squats add the cardio element to your workout session.


  • To better your hip mobility, you must try out squat thrusts for amazing results. It strengthens the pelvic region and thus modifies the buttocks of the individual. The limited hip movement might create trouble while lifting weights, can cause aches and pains, aligning lower back pain in line with issues in the knees.


  • Knees should not be left behind while considering a good exercise for the lower body. Hence, the hamstrings building part of squat thrusts will work just fine for your knees. Hamstrings will help alleviate the pressure on the knees. This is a great start to better working sessions. It also focuses on quads simultaneously. Building two sets of muscles at one time is a great achievement for an exercise. Squat thrusts qualify for such impactful exercises.

Ways to do squat thrusts

    1. Push up and jump:

way to do Squat thrust
way to do Squat thrust

Before you bend down into the squat position, take a jump. Now bend into the squat position and do the rest of the steps of the exercise. When you are in the push-up position, take it as an opportunity and do a push-up. And continue with the remaining steps.

     2. Dumbbells:

way to do Squat Thrust
way to do Squat Thrust

If you’ve understood the above variation, the dumbbell squat thrust would be a piece of cake to comprehend. Here, all the steps remain the same. The only difference is the addition of dumbbells. These dumbbells will help provide strength to your muscles and build stronger endurance.


Whether your goal is to gain weight or shed the extra kilos off your body, squat thrusts can be your best friends. This no equipment, high impact exercise, if done properly, can benefit a person in many ways. It works on your glutes, and, quads, hamstrings, chest, and whatnot. It has a wide range of impact zone. The efficiency of squat thrust has been tested time and again by fitness enthusiasts. Study this easy to comprehend exercise and avail the goodness of squat thrusts anywhere.

Also, if you find the regular exercise too challenging to perform, you can modify it accordingly. Place or choose a slightly elevated platform from the ground to support your arms so that you don’t have to go all the way down in one go. Start with at least 2 sets of 15 reps in your workout routine and gradually increase it. You’ll benefit a long time doing this exercise.

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