Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is a general term we’ve been hearing all our lives. But I’m sure, you had not looked dip for its definition or the actual meaning of exercise. So here’s a glimpse of the same- Exercise is a physical activity that is intended, structured, and repetitive to promote health and fitness for any portion of the body. Typically, an exercise session puts you through lots of physical stress and has your body wet with sweat, heart, with a paced up pulse, and a heavy breath up and down. All these stressors are difficult in nature but are extremely helpful for the entire physical stature and even your mental health.

WHO, the World Health Organisation, and the American Health Association suggest that a moderate workout of 150 minutes or 75 minutes of a strenuous workout is optimal for good health. While a moderate workout tends to increase the heart rate of a normal person to about 50-70 percent, vigorous physical activity would raise the heart rate by around 70-85 percent.

These days, fitness and health are becoming a major concern of the general population particularly the young generation of the country.

However, exercise has often been associated with hardships and procrastination that come as an outcome. Many struggles each day to come out of this daily spiral of procrastinating and starting out the next day.

Here are certain tips to help yourself overcome the never-ending trap.

Benefits of Exercise
Benefits of Exercise
  • Don’t go by the all-or-nothing attitude.
  • Be kind to yourself. Don’t be too harsh on the very first day
  • Break down tasks into smaller goals.
  • Set achievable and practical expectations for yourself.

With that being said, let us now look at why exercise is so important and what are its windfalls. The benefits of exercise are huge to start with. Not just the physical torso, it also helps your mental health thrive. We will cover various benefits of exercise in this blog. Stick along.

How exercise serves your torso?

Morning Exercise
Morning Exercise

Exercise has a direct influence on the body as it is a process that involves the complete bodily structure of an individual. There are myriads of benefits of exercise. Be it a home workout or somewhere in the field, exercising is Sureshot beneficial. It will aid you in several endeavors over time.

  • Happy and Healthy Heart:

With regular exercise, you are making your heart healthier each day. Studies are evidence of the fact that cardiovascular diseases are the major spur of deaths globally. Records of June 2021 showcase the atrocities of cardiovascular deaths. Nearly 17.9 million died in the year 2019 due to heart-related diseases. The major cause among these being heart attacks or strokes owning up to 85% of the total deaths. With periodic exercise, you decrease the risk of heart strokes and attacks to a substantial level.

  • Weight management is better:

Morning Exercise
Morning Exercise

Exercise and weight loss at emo new acquaintances. Millions of people hitting the gyms daily are there for or the major causes of their intrinsic motivation- weight loss. Exercising has proven to be the most preferred way of losing weight. The best exercise for losing weight is tried out daily at various gyms and even at-home workouts.

Benefits of exercise section could not miss out on this point. Weight loss aids you in better routine functioning, lesser daily complications, lesser risk of several diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Thus, the best exercise for losing weight must be tried and tested so as to aid you in long-term goals. The fat-burning exercise is often considered as the most vigorous and effective one. The best exercise bike is used by several fitness enthusiasts so they can lose those extra kilos with ease.

  • Goodbye, bad cholesterol:

Cholesterol has been the villain since time immemorial. Cholesterol has always painted a negative picture in our brains. The fun fact is, cholesterol has two subtypes- one of which is considered a good one that does not really harm your body. While the other one is toxic and can cause reveal hear related diseases. Exercising on a regular basis will keep both of these siblings in check. It increases the one which is favored while marks a decline in LDL cholesterol by around 10 percent.

  • Not so sweet, diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is among the widely spread diseases among the elderly and even people in their middle adulthood. The risk of getting type 2 diabetes is increasing with changing lifestyles day by day. Thus, making sure that you indulge in exercise each day will come as a boon to your overall health. It reduces the risk of diabetes and certain cancers. Research has shown evidence regarding the powerful impact of exercise on type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

  • Calm your BP down:

Benefits of Exercise
Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of exercise also include the action of calming your blood pressure to a normal level. Having a blood pressure issue, particularly hypertension, that is high blood pressure is extremely common these days. Even kids are starting to complain of symptoms of hypertension. With changing lifestyles, changing food habits and so many stressors in the environment, this situation was inevitable. However, if you try to get back your lifestyle in routine and discipline with inclusions regular exercise, you can extensively save yourself from one of the major issues of hypertension too.

  • Strengthen up those bones and muscles:

With regular physical activity, either moderate level or rigorous enough, you sureshot get tougher bones and muscles as an outcome of nothing else. As obvious as it may sound, physical activity will have a direct impact on the physical build. Thus, to increase your confidence and maybe impress that girl you’re seeing, exercising might entail a huge contribution to that.

Summing up the physical benefits of exercise, we have a huge list of mental health windfalls of exercise too.

Mental health is becoming is topic of concern in every field of our lives. How could we not talk of mental health in the fitness field? Exercising impacts our mental status big time. Let us see how.

Impact of exercise on mental health:

Exercise Benefits
Exercise Benefits

Researchers from health and fitness and psychological fields have come forward to join hands and find out the mental benefits of exercise. Exercise can profoundly impact major mood disorders such as depression. Anxiety disorders are another favorite aspect of exercise to cut down. The benefits of exercise in mental health can be numerous. Here, we will talk about the crucial ones.

  • Helps relieve depression:

Depression is one of the most widely diagnose mental health disorders globally. Exercising regularly not only helps to manage depression to a great extent but also reduces the chance of relapse among individuals. As difficult as it may sound to the person suffering from the disease, but exercise can have a magnificent effect on their mental health. The mental health benefits of exercise are to begin just now.

  • Manage anxiety:

Various psychologists believe that exercising, maintaining a good physical activity routine over time can relieve the symptoms of anxiety to some degree. Although medication and adequate professional help is still required, excuse comes as and an additional boon to therapy for several patients.

  • Exercise and stress do not go along:

Running Benefits
Running Benefits

You might have heard someone saying- ‘I exercise to get away from the stress of my life.’ Looks like this turned out to be evidently true. Different types of exercise possess the ability to curtail your stress and get you going with your daily routine.

  • Boost that self-esteem:

While being on the field, when you suddenly realize that you’re doing more than you ever anticipated, the self-esteem is boosted up on its own. Physical activity has that leverage on mental health.

  • Sound sleep:

The benefits of exercise on mental health also include a better sleeping schedule. Fast lifestyle has stemmed sleeping issues saving various youngsters and now even mid adults. When you are indulging in exercise, your body starts to maintain melatonin- the sleep hormone. This thereby aids you to sleep better.

  • Energetic all day long:

Although it may seem like exercise drains the energy out of your body, the truth is typically contradictory. Kick-off with smaller goals in the beginning and gradually you will land in a situation where you feel more energetic towards the day. Your energy knows no bounds when you have confidence and higher self-esteem gained as a result of exercise.

With that being said, we come to an end to this blog. The key takeaways would be that exercise is something you should not try to find a substitute for because there isn’t any! A little exercise a day can get you additional years of life to enjoy. As much as exercising boosts your physical torso and reduces physical ailments, it benefits your mental health a great deal.

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