Health Benefits of Giloy

There’s nothing better than taking natural medicines. Popping in. Allopathic medicines time and again might have you down with other side effects. Some are unable to endure the heavy medicines and they lead to stomach issues or cause inflammation in their digestive tracts. This is just one example of what allopathic medicines can do to you. Heavy doses of say, 500 my or above tend to increase heat in the body. This isn’t all beneficial in certain diseases. Hence, we’ve brought you a great champ of natural medicines that can be found easily anywhere- Giloy.

It is a very popular medicinal plant found in India. Ayurveda has designated Giloy with medicinal use for various fevers and other health issues. Here we will explain in detail the benefits of Giloy. This, ending your search for ‘Giloy Ke fayde’ here.

What is Giloy?


With the scientific name of Tinospora Cordifolia, Giloy has its benefits laid down here. As a fact, the part of the plant that is used as medicine is its stem. The stem of the Giloy plant significantly cures a number of diseases. Its stem contains nutrients of various kinds in abundance which helps it cure multiple diseases. It also encompasses alkaloids. The roots and leaves can also be used for different purposes.

Digging up a little deeper into Ayurveda, the Shloka of Charak Samhita infers that Giloy is a significant herb having a bitter taste. It helps in cutting down the Vata and Kapha dosha and alleviating various disorders of the human body.

Giloy plant is often known as the ‘heart-leaved moonseed’ coming from its heart-shaped leaves.

Medicinal properties of Giloy:

Medicine of Giloy
Medicine of Giloy

The stem of giloy has the treasure of nutritional content, alkaloids, steroids, glycosides, and several other compounds. The roots and leaves have other beneficial content in them.

These elements are effective against various diseases and can help to cure diabetes, neurological problems, cancer, fever, etc.

How can you consume Giloy?

Giloy can be consumed in multiple ways. Its stem, roots, or leaves can be used for medicinal purposes. Ayurvedic norms suggest fat Giloy be consumed in the form of powder, Giloy juice, or even the kadha (decoction). These days, you can easily find Giloy tablets in the market and readymade powder in the medicine stores. Not just this, Giloy is also highly beneficial for the skin if applied as a paste.

Nowadays, you can use the products furnished by various companies such as Patanjali Giloy juice.

Health benefits of Giloy

Natural Giloy
Natural Giloy

So far we’ve successfully discussed the basics around Giloy. Now is the time to decipher the benefits of Giloy. Giloy is Sureshot an incredibly useful plant for its medicinal and cosmetic use. It includes anti-inflammatory substances, antioxidants and also contains antipyretic components, with immunity-boosting elements. These features of the plant can be used to treat a number of diseases most naturally.

  • Chronic fever:

Giloy juice
Giloy juice

This has to top in the list of Giloy benefits. It is often witnessed in our Indian households that whenever someone encounters chronic fever that’s doesn’t reduce for days, the Giloy plant is given to the patient in different forms. Be it Giloy juice, Giloy tablet, or Giloy powder, all of these are equally beneficial because of the plant’s antipyretic properties.

In Ayurveda, two factors namely Ama and certain foreign particles are known to cause fever in the human body. Ama stands for the toxic residues in the body that arise as a result of inappropriate digestion. This is where Giloy juice comes into effect. It reduces the chronic, recurring high fever. Its anti-inflammatory properties help it to reduce fever and strengthen immunity in return. It holds the capacity to fight against chronic fever and other diseases and thereby aids quicker recovery.

Use: 2-3 tablespoons of Giloy Juice diluted in an equal amount of water does wonders for curing fever if taken regularly and with care. Remember, this formula is to be consumed early morning on an empty stomach.

  • Dengue fever:

Giloy Kadha
Giloy Kadha

As soon as monsoon hits, there are high chances of people getting down with dengue. India has a high rate of dengue, malaria, and other carrier-borne fevers. These take the lives of thousands of people every year. To have a natural cure like Giloy is a blessing for all Indian residents.

One of the deadliest symptoms of dengue, reduction in platelets of the patient is cured effectively by the Giloy plant. It further alleviates the chances of complications in such a chronic disease. Immunity is boosted, a speedy recovery is initiated if the Giloy leaves are boiled with tulsi leaves. This can improve the platelet count in th patient effectively.

Use: pick up a fresh stalk of Giloy, extract its juice and mix with 5-7 tulsi leaves. Boil this mixture in ½ cup of water and drink regularly every day for better results.

  • Hay fever: 

Orignal giloy
Orignal giloy

Commonly known as Allergic Rhinitis, hay fever can also be shared with the help of the Giloy plant. Hay fever causes runny bise, excessive sneezing, entering of eyes, nasal congestion, etc. All these symptoms are effectively cured by the consumption of Giloy powder, juice, or Kadha. To reduce the bitterness, you can add honey to fully pate or juice and have to before consuming food.

Use:  mix ½ spoon giloy powder with honey and have it before your food to decrease the temperature of the body.

  • Blood sugar levels:

Giloy juice
giloy juice

As mentioned earlier, Giloy is beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels. This is specifically beneficial for patients with diabetes. The Ayurvedic name of Giloy is- ‘Madhunashini’ which is interpreted as ‘ destroyer of sugar’. Hence, it can be used as an effective element for curing diabetes.

Use: for better results take ½ spoon of Giloy powder or Giloy juice twice a day with water after having your lunch and dinner.

  • Immunity booster:

This herb is known to boost immunity and increase the vitality of a person. Inculcating Giloy in any form in your diet every day would help boost your immunity by multiple folds. Rich in antioxidants, Giloy is beneficial in detoxifying your body internally and externally at the same time. Liver diseases, urinary infections, skin diseases, cardiac health issues are all catered to by the Giloy plant.

Use: consume 2-3 teaspoons of Patanjali Giloy juice twice a day with water.

Giloy has myriads of medicinal benefits. It is often seen to be used in Indian households. It is easily available in nearby locations in India. One can take the help of this medicinal plant to cure chronic illnesses if the allopathic medicines are not working right for you.

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