Black Tea: The Bright Side Of This Beverage On Our Health

The name might be black and indicate darkness, but the actual picture of the benefits of black tea illustrates a different image altogether. Black tea has long been consumed by the populace across the globe. After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Camellia sinensis plant is the source of all kinds of tea. The difference that originates from these different names such as black tea, green tea, etc is due to the differences in harvesting and processing ways.

Making of black tea:

Making of Black Tea
Making of Black Tea

As for black tea, after harvesting, the tea leaves undergo a procedure of drying up, bruising, and swiveling. After that, the process of oxidation takes place. Oxidation process is the one where the leaves are exposed to air for an extended time. During this process, the enzymes break down the chemicals present in the leaves. This leads to the coloration of the leaves, which is primarily brown.

The process also directs to the outcome of a different smell in the leaves. The process of oxidation plays a significant role in the making of black tea as it imparts additional nutritional value to the leaves. These nutrients are not seen in green tea which also has a partially similar process of formulation.

Black tea has a number of benefits associated with it. It is majorly known for its virtue in reducing the risk of cancer, heart diseases such as atherosclerosis and in maintaining optimal blood pressure. Let us further talk out some more detailed benefits of black tea.

Benefits of Black Tea:

The antioxidants in black tea hold a good range of health benefits for its users. Here are some major ones mentioned.

  • Antioxidant features:

Antioxidant Features
Antioxidant Features

Antioxidants are game changes for your health. They reduce the harmful radicals from your body, thereby giving it strength and immunity. Black tea essentially has polyphenols that are a type of antioxidants. Polyphenol groups such as catechins, thearubigins, theaflavins, etc are present in black tea which greatly enhance the antioxidant properties of the tea.

An interesting fact lies in the researches which indicates that taking antioxidants as supplements is harmful. Rather, taking them via food or beverage sources is beneficial to health.

  • Checks cardiovascular health:

Flavonoids, that befriend your dear heart, are present in the black tea. These ensure that the conditions that pose threat to your heart such as high blood pressure, Hugh cholesterol, obesity, Hugh triglycerides, etc are monitored and maintained well. So many kinds of antioxidants existing in black tea are a blessing to prevent various medical issues.

  • Keeps your gut healthy:

Benefits of Black Tea
Benefits of Black Tea

Studies and researches of many tears have out shown and proven that bacteria in your gut has a major role to play in your overall health. You might e a war of the fact that our belly has numerous bacterial, both good and bad for our health. Maintaining a good balance of both of these is essential. Well, here is good news for all the black tea lovers.

The polyphenol antioxidant present in black tea regulates the development of the good bacteria whilst inhibiting of growth of the harmful bacteria. Additionally, black tea also contains antibacterial properties that can get rid of the toxic bacteria from your gut and body.

  • Maintenance of blood pressure:

Hypertension or high blood pressure is an extremely common occurring health condition across the globe. It occurs in nearly 1 billion people worldwide. However, the issue is not limited to just a high pressure of blood.

Hypertension has myriads of health conditions associated with it. It can cause harm to your heart, kidney, brain, eyes, and whatnot. It is imperative to keep in check your blood pressure for a healthy body and mind. Black tea extensively helps those with high blood pressure.

  • Blood sugar level controlled:

With black tea, you can keep your blood sugar levels well in control. Black tea provides a non-sweetened beverage that is loaded with other health benefits. With the use of black tea, insulin use in the body is also improved.

  • Concentration mantra:

Having trouble focusing on your work, studies, or life in general? Black tea is your go-to beverage, with loads of benefits from different aspects. Caffeine in black tea makes it apt for this purpose. Another champ that contributes to the focus building capacity of black tea is the amino acid called L-theanine. It is known for the enhancement of aloha activity of the brain, which is responsible for focus and concentration.

Black tea vs Green tea:

Green Tea vs Black Tea
Green Tea vs Black Tea

Having discussed the benefits of black tea brings us to an important topic for further discussion. Black tea vs green tea has been a topic of debate for since long. Let us briefly look at what it is.

Black tea and green tea both share many characteristics as a result of their partially similar production process. Both black tea and green tea are good for your heart, body, and brain. Black tea has theanine that serves a great purpose of concentration. While green tea is better if you wish to lose weight.

Both have caffeine, but black tea has it on a superior side. Best black tea has more caffeine than regular green tea.  The best in the market is the Assam black tea which has natural processes and ingredients.

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