Various Health Benefits of Makhana in Our Daily Routine


Dry fruits are a great way to quench your starving stomach. Well, that’s just a sideline benefit of dry fruits. Dry fruits have outstanding nutritional content. Over the years, we have heard our elders assert that dry fruits are beneficial for our brains, health, and body. Makhana is commonly known as Fox nuts or Lotus … Read more

Lipton Green Tea Benefits

Lipton Green Tea

Green tea has long been applauded for its weight loss and other benefits. Though it might not be all the more appealing in its taste, it does serve us various privileges in just a few cups. Lipton green tea, with its fresh, clean, and natural green tea leaves is bliss for fitness enthusiasts. Make the … Read more

Red Banana Benefits

Red Banana Benefits

With loads of privileges lying around bananas, there are some others associated with red bananas. To be honest, a huge population is unaware of the different types of bananas being grown in India, set aside the world. There are thousands of varieties of bananas. Red bananas are one such variety found in Southeast Asia. Though … Read more

11 Best Breakfast For Muscle Building

muscle building breakfast

Scrolling down Instagram or Facebook, you might come across a myriad of pictures of your favorite celebrities, or your fitness enthusiastic friends. This might initiate a thought in your head so as to acquire a lean, healthy and muscular body just like them. But, somehow, the right guidance isn’t there for you. If you think … Read more