Greek Yogurt With The Goodness Of The Greek God

Greek yogurt is often addressed as light and fit Greek yogurt, because of its health benefits for the fitness enthusiasts out there. We are here to tell you that this isn’t a fad, but a proven fact. Greek yogurt has various nutrients and other benefits that can help boost your fitness journey. Also, called strained yogurt, Greek yogurt is not the regular dairy product you might use. Its production went up by quadruple folds in the course of years 2008 to 2013.

Greek yogurt production process is different from any other yogurt. It is marked by the uniqueness of an extra step wherein the makers get rid of the excess water, minerals, and lactose. The acidity of the yogurt makes sit easier to be absorbed and disgusted, making it lightweight and healthy.

This one is packed with nutrients and yet serves to be the perfect dose for the light eaters as a snack. Carry on to comprehend the nutritional value and other benefits of the Greek Gods yogurt.

Nutrients packed in one serve:

Oikos Greek yogurt.
Oikos Greek yogurt.

An average revealing of Greek yogurt is subjected to around 12 to 17.3 grams of protein depending on the brand you’re using. The two top popular brands selling Greek yogurt furnish Greek Yogurt Chobani and Oikos Greek yogurt.

A cup of Greek yogurt is enough to serve you 3- days of the dietary recommendations of low-fat dairy products.

The additional step that strains out lactose, minerals, and water adds up more customers to the Oikos Greek yogurt since people who have lactose intolerance can consume it. Greek yogurt does no harm to such allergies.

Benefits on the go:

  • Protein:

Protein Rich greek yogurt
Protein Rich greek yogurt

The protein present in Greek yogurt is way better than the one found in your regular milk. Protein is needed for muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, hair, and blood. A vegan is a great benefit from Greek yogurt. If you are vegan and wish to about meat for that extra dose of protein, choose Greek yogurt instead.

To make it heavier on nutritional value while remaining low key on the fat and carbs, pick up a pack of Greek yogurt and deliberately add two tablespoons of chia seeds to it. You might as well try other recipes easily found online to make your Greek yogurt more interesting and healthy.

  • Probiotics are your gut’s good friends:

Rich in Probiotics
Rich in Probiotics

Probiotics are abundantly present in Greek yogurt. Probiotics are known to be the good bacteria that promote good gut health and decrease the growth of bad bacteria in your gut. Issues like diarrhea, pain and other stomach issues are alleviated by probiotics. All the goodness of probiotics is served by Greek yogurt.

The probiotics present in Greek yogurt are even influential for your brain. They are a good agent for reducing stress, sadness, and self-harming tendencies.

  • Calcium makes you stronger:

Rich in Calcium
Rich in Calcium

Calcium, the most important mineral for the bones, is also given in large amounts by Greek yogurt. The body needs calcium from external sources. It cannot produce it on its own. Strong muscles and bones are a result of sufficient calcium in your body.

Calcium is crucial for the growth of developing children. They need it to grow tall and strong. A cup of Greek yogurt will provide you as much as 18.7 grams of calcium. As you age, bone density starts to decrease. To maintain strong bones, external sources of calcium must be consumed.

  • Your source of Vitamin B-12:

source of Vitamin B-12
source of Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B 12 is essential for red blood cells formation, DNA synthesis, and several brain functions as well. Greek yogurt is a powerful source of Vitamin B 12 for all these needs of the body. 21.3 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin B12 can be fulfilled by one serve of Greek yogurt. So, the next time you look out for a Greek yogurt substitute, consider all of these benefits maintained by Greek yogurt.

Vegans and vegetarians usually have a tough time maintaining the vitamin B12 levels in her body. It is prominently found in animal products such as eggs, meat, and fish. Thus, a perfect alternative for such people is the Greek yogurt with all the goodness without having to break any personal laws.

  • Monitors your waist:

Monitor waist
Monitor waist

The texture of the Greek yogurt makes you feel more full than it actually is. This illusionary benefit is perfect for those who practice dieting or intermittent fasting. A serving of Greek yogurt will have all the nutrients, and won’t make you feel hungry frequently.

  • Potassium levels maintained:

Maintain Potassium levels
Maintain Potassium levels

A cup of Greek yogurt is your go-to snack to maintain the right level of potassium in your body. A cup serves around 6.8 percent of the daily requirement of potassium in your body. Potassium is a crucial nutrient to help lower blood pressure and balance sodium simultaneously.


Greek yogurt is a highly prosperous and healthy snack. It is perfect for all the vegetarians out there. Greek yogurt can meet a position of the daily requirements of several nutrients such as potassium, protein, calcium. Probiotics present in Greek yogurt help maintain good gut health.

Apart from that, the snack is easy to consume, is delicious, can be used to make several recipes, and is good for everyone. Greek yogurt has something for everyone. Do try it out.

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