Keratin Treatment: We All Must Know the Truth

Gone are the times when you would spot a girl with straight, smooth, and utterly shiny hair and get surprised at it. These are the times when a huge number of the populaces is going for different kinds of treatments for hair. Among all the different treatments, keratin is the most commonly done. The secret to smooth, and lustrous hair is hidden at the treatment named keratin. Keratin treatment is a de-frizzing price that makes your hair healthy and beautiful in appearance.

What is a keratin treatment?

Keratin Treatment
Keratin Treatment

Smoothening and shining of hair that is largely seen these days are because of keratin treatment. It is the reason behind the smooth, and frizz-free hair that looks amazingly healthy and lustrous. One may find a variety of these treatments by numerous names in the market. These go from Brazilian Blowout, Cezanne, Gold well Kerasilk, and could go on and on.

Well, that is not important. What is interactive is to know what the keratin complex actually does to your hair. Get your customized keratin supplement and reap the fruit of gorgeous locks down your head. Ask your hairstylist for the kinds of keratin shampoos available, and maybe ask them to customize the treatment or your scalp and hair type.

Keratin Shampoo
Keratin Shampoo

Basically, some versions of keratin discharge formaldehyde on being heated. While the other newer versions are free of formaldehyde. However, you need not worry about the formaldehyde content. It is just there for the technicalities. The base of keratin treatment lies in the procedure it goes through. Which is, getting into the hair follicle, and injecting porous areas with keratin. Keratin is a primary hair protein required by hair follicles to stay healthy.

What is the process of Keratin treatment?

The Keratin treatment procedure depends on the length of your hair. Also, the time it takes is dependent on the formula used by the hairstylist. Well, to give you an idea, expect your salon time to be around 4- 5 hours. The foremost step is to get your hair washed. That’s what you would get the moment you enter the salon and expel out keratin treatment from your mouth.

The keratin pearls are then applied to hair strands section by the beautician to the wet hair. Now, this has to be set aside for about half an hour. Before the second coat, the beautician will blow dry your hair first and then go about it. Finally, if required, the stylist might go over with a flat iron set on medium to low heat on your hair for better results.

Is Keratin different from chemical relaxers?

Keratin Treatment
Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments usually wash out after a few months. While the chemical relaxers are relatively different from keratin treatment on being permanent. Chemical relaxers use different formulas than keratin treatments. As for chemical relaxers, the other is a bombardment of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, guanine, etc.

Chemical relaxers restructure the bonds of the curly hair and defend them from being weak and brittle. On the other hand, keratin does not alter the chemical composition of your hair. Rather, it is applied superficially and can be washed out super soon.

Keratin Treatment at home:

Home Use Kit
Home Use Kit

We often get this question, ‘Can we do keratin treatment at home?’. Yes, you definitely can. But, being realistic and practical, you must not expect results just like the salon keratin treatment. You can find several keratin shampoos, keratin complex, and Tresemme keratin smooth. However, it is imperative that you check out the ingredients of any product that you’re using.

You might as well find some products that have intense silicone and conditioning treatments instead of keratin. Also, having a look at art the institutions provided but the product is also crucial. If the instructions are not extensively provided on or inside the packaging, it probably has something to do with conditioning and not keratin. So be careful! You also need to keep one thing in mind that the results of at-home keratin treatment will not last as long as the salon ones.

Is it safe to do keratin treatment?


The most crucial question lies – ‘Is keratin even safe for our hair and scalp?’ Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Although, formaldehyde is not going to be in large amounts in your keratin product. It is better if you go for the one with no formaldehyde. Talking of results, they might not be as impressive as the formaldehyde inclusive treatments. But, talk about safety, and formaldehyde-free products are your thing.


Keratin treatment is in vogue since last many years now. From Kylie Jenner to Meghan Markle, there are myriads of women who have undergone keratin treatment for their hair. It sure-shot has some magical factor as it makes the hair look healthy, smooth like butter.

Also, the luster keratin adds to your hair does not go unnoticed. To get yourself those shiny soft hair, you can undergo the keratin treatment anytime, unless you’re a pregnant woman. It is the best way to give your air a transition without damaging them or altering its chemical composition.

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