Unveiling the Health Issues Faced by Women in Today’s World

It’s the 21st century and it aches for us to write it here that the world still hasn’t been able to provide women with the attention they deserve. While it is still considered a weaker gender in many regions of the world, there is absolutely no heed given to the issues that women face in their day-to-day lives. 

Apparently, it is easier to say that women have it easy when it comes to work and responsibilities. Yet, in today’s world, it is definitely not the case. Cause today, there’s evidently no difference between the work lifestyle of a man and a woman. The modern challenges related to lifestyle are similar for all genders. The cherry on top is the additional health issues and mental health issues that women have to constantly face even after a great deal of medical evolution. Women’s health is still at stake when it comes to a comparison due to the way their bodies are built to carry on tones of responsibilities on a daily, monthly, and lifetime basis. 

We shall talk about women’s wellness and women’s healthcare from the viewpoint of health issues they have to deal with. 

  • Cancer:

    The most dangerous of all shall top the list. Women these days are very falling prey to breast and cervical cancer. These two have become the most leading cause of women’s death in the past few decades. It is a cause of concern since this one is among the terminating chronic conditions. 

  • Reproductive health:

    One of the major concerns about women’s health issues stems from their reproductive health more than anything. It is one-third of the total healthcare concerns in women of age 15 to 44 years. Vaginal issues compose a major portion of these issues in totality. 

  • Maternal health:

    Women are loaded with responsibilities physically for the purpose of reproduction and genealogy. This brings about another health risk factor that needs to be addressed with good intent. Pregnancy and childbirth are crucial times and are of high risk for any mother. Though it is equally critical for the baby to be born, mothers have to be additionally careful about their health. Several issues from infections to miscarriage, and others are common due to the neglect of healthcare. 

  • HIV:

    Women require more effective addressing of this chronic and terminal disease, despite the presence of preventive measures.

  • Mental health:

    Women also have to go through tonnes of mental health issues ranging from abuse, verbal abuse, mental torture, violence, family issues, personal life, and work life problems, and a lot more. All these impacts their mental health each day and in the worst way possible. 

  • Lifestyle diseases:

    In today’s modern times, it has become nearly impossible to save yourself from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, orthopedic issues, issue related to the head and eyes, obesity, etc. 

  • Autoimmune diseases:

    When cells in the body that fight off threats like viruses attack healthy cells, an autoimmune disease occurs. 7] As this condition keeps on heightening among the populace, specialists stay confused concerning why the condition influences for the most part ladies. Although there are numerous distinct autoimmune diseases, the majority exhibit symptoms. 


Even though times have changed, and we have come a long way in addressing and tackling women’s health issues, there is still a long route to travel ahead. Women in rural areas and from low socio-economic levels of society face physical, mental, and emotional neglect and issue at all stages of their lives. Not just that, women from urban regions also fall prey to issues like lifestyle diseases, depression, and anxiety and these are just a few to name. Thus, these are alarming times when women need to be paid heed to for the overall betterment of society and creating a balanced and healthy society.

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