Fungal Acne

Fungal acne

Fungal infections and acnes are a menace to living entities, especially in monsoon times. Fungal Acne isn’t like regular acne. It doesn’t respond to the customary treatments that you apply for acne. Pityrosporum folliculitis is a condition commonly known as fungal acne. It has a lasting effect on the skin and damages the skin a … Read more

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is a general term we’ve been hearing all our lives. But I’m sure, you had not looked dip for its definition or the actual meaning of exercise. So here’s a glimpse of the same- Exercise is a physical activity that is intended, structured, and repetitive to promote health and fitness for any portion of … Read more

Best Shoulder Dumbbell Workout

shoulder dumbbell workout

Who doesn’t get enticed by those perfectly shaped shoulders? As much as a flawlessly built body lures us, it’s as difficult to achieve. However, if you’ve determinedly agreed upon getting a toned, robust body, there’s nothing to worry about. You’re all set with these few exercises with and without dumbbells. Down below we have listed … Read more

Amazing Health Benefits Of Vajrasana


Yoga dates back to 2700 B.C. It proves to be self-catering towards the spiritual upliftment as well as material up-gradation of humanity. All our lives, we have been hearing the benefits of yoga and exercise for our physical and mental health. While vigorous exercise is associated with physical health, yoga is a form of locomotive … Read more

Neurobion Forte Tablet

Neurobion Forte

Over the past few years, Neurobion Forte is in prominent discussion very frequently. This supplement comes in the form of both tablets and injections. If you’re a fitness enthusiast who regularly hits the gym, you’re more likely to have heard the name of this supplement. It often gets confusing as to which supplement is good … Read more

Red Banana Benefits

Red Banana Benefits

With loads of privileges lying around bananas, there are some others associated with red bananas. To be honest, a huge population is unaware of the different types of bananas being grown in India, set aside the world. There are thousands of varieties of bananas. Red bananas are one such variety found in Southeast Asia. Though … Read more

11 Best Breakfast For Muscle Building

muscle building breakfast

Scrolling down Instagram or Facebook, you might come across a myriad of pictures of your favorite celebrities, or your fitness enthusiastic friends. This might initiate a thought in your head so as to acquire a lean, healthy and muscular body just like them. But, somehow, the right guidance isn’t there for you. If you think … Read more